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Stigmella samiatella larva

Stigmella samiatella

Castanea sativa, Malden; leg Henk ten Holt; pronotum with dorsal sclerite (also the head capsule is visible, withdrawn into the prothorax).

left: detail of the spinulation; right: segment 10, dorsal (without a group of spinules in front of seta D).

Larva pale yellow (Borkowski, 1972b). The morphology has been described and illustrated in much detail by Grandi (1931a, 1933a) after material provied by Hering. Thanks to larval material from Castanea collected by Henk ten Holt it could be confirmed that this material agreed with the present-day concept of samiatella. This made it possible to complete the identification key to the larvae in Johansson e.a. (1990a):


11a. Segment 10 with 1 pair of setae: svenssoni

11b. Segment 10 with 2 pairs of setae => 12


12a. Prothorax with a small group of spines around the spiraculum: atricapitella

12b. Prothorax without spines => 13


13a. Segment 9 ventrally spinulose: ruficapitella

13b. Segment 9 ventrally witout spines => 14


14a. Segment 10 with a small group of spines in front of seta D1: roborella

14b. Segment 10 without spines: samiatella

(seta D1 is the large seta nearest the dorsal mid-line)


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