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Trifurcula ridiculosa

Trifurcula ridiculosa (Walsingham, 1908)

Trifurcula ridiculosa mine

Lotus pedunculatus, Madeira; from van Nieukerken (2007b)

Trifurcula ridiculosa mine

Lotus arabicus, La Gomera; from Klimesch (1977a)

Trifurcula ridiculosa mine

Lotus sessilifolius, Teneriffa; from Klimesch (1977a)


Oviposition at either side of the leaf. The mine starts as a long and very narrow corridor, following the leaf margin, suddenly widening into an elongated blotch. Small leaflets are almost entirely mined out. Pupation external, exit slit in the lower epidermis.


Faabaceae, monophagous

Lotus campylocladus, glaucus, glinoides, pedunculatus, sessilifolius.


Several generations per year.

distribution within Europe

Canary Islands, Madeira.


Bright yellow, lies venter-upwards in the mine (van Nieukerken, 2007b).


There is a remarkable difference between the mines from the Canarias and Madeira: the early gallery in Madeiran mines is usually very much contorted, while the Canarian mines show a rather straight course (van Nieukerken, 2007b).


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