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Zimmermannia liebwerdella

Zimmermannia liebwerdella (Zimmermann, 1940)

on Fagus, Quercus


Larva in a shallow gallery in the smooth bark of a stem or thick branch. The gallery is contorted, but essentially runs vertically. Preference for the sun-lit side of the stem. Pupation external, in a rust-brown cocoon.

host plants

Fagaceae, oligophagous

Fagus sylvatica; Quercus.

The species so far has never been bred from oak, but there are plenty indications that this too is a host plant.


The larva lives one or two years, depending on the local climate; pupation in May-July.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Very elongate, yellow, head brown; no ventral plates (Johansson ao, Gustafsson & van Nieukerken)


Ectoedemia liebwerdella.


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