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leafminers, galls and fungi

Hyaloperonospora brassicae

Hyaloperonospora brassicae (Gäumann) Göker, Voglmayr, Riethmüller, Weiß & Oberwinkler, 2003

on Brassicaceae


upperside of the leaves locally bleached; at the underside a greyish-white fungal down consisting of erect, distally branched conidiophores.

host plants

Brassicaceae, oligophagous

Brassica napus, nigra, oleracea, rapa; Raphanus raphanistrum, sativus; Sinapis alba & subsp. dissecta, arvensis & subsp. allionii.


Peronospora brassicae Gäumann, 1918.


may occur in combination with Albugo candida. Mainly on seedlings and young plants (Doppelbaur, Huber & Poelt)


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