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Peronospora dipsaci

Peronospora dipsaci Tulasne, 1854

on Dipsacus

Peronospora dipsaci on Dipsacus fullonum

Dipsacus fullonumBelgium, prov. Limbourg, Dal van de Grensmaas, Hochter Bampd-Herbicht, © Carina Van Steenwinkel: leaf with local infections

Peronospora dipsaci on Dipsacus fullonum

some leaves are entirely infected, pale geeen

Peronospora dipsaci on Dipsacus fullonum

the down at hand-lense magnification

Peronospora dipsaci: conidiophures


Peronospora dipsaci: conidiophore


Peronospora dipsaci: conidium


Peronospora dipsaci: conidium



upperside of the leaves with paled, slightly embossed patches; at the corresponding underside a greyish brown-purple fungal bloom, consisting of erect, distally strongly branched conidiophores. The conidia measure 13-29 x 18-35 µm.

host plants

Caprifoliaceae, monofaag

Dipsacus fullonum, laciniatus, pilosus.


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