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Peronospora lepigoni

Peronospora lepigoni Fuckel, 1863

on Spergularia

Peronospora lepigoni on Spergularia rubra

Spergularia rubra, Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Zelem, Vallei van de Zwarte Beek, Loboskasteel, 3.ix.2019 © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Peronospora lepigoni on Spergularia rubra


Peronospora lepigoni : conidiophores


Peronospora lepigoni : conidiophore


Peronospora lepigoni : conidia

two conidia


leaves pale, may be disfigured. Oospores are formed in the swollen flower buds. Underside with a greyish purple down, consisting of vertical conidiophores that apically several times are dichotomously branching, each branch ending upon a conidium.

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, monophagous

Spergularia marina, media, rubra.


often taken as a junior synonym of P. obovata. Studies by Choi ao show that both are closely related, but separated, species.


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