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Peronospora romanica

Peronospora romanica Săvulescu & Rayss, 1932

on Medicago

Medicago lupulina, Huissen, Huissense Waard, Zwanewater (ge), 25.x.2021 © Kees van Oorde (scale bar = 2.5 µm)

Peronospora romanica on Medicago lupulina

infected leaf, underside

Peronospora romanica on Medicago lupulina



development of the plant disturbed; upper side of the lef with yellow spots. Underside there with a greyish purple down of 0.6 mm high erect conidiophores that apically several times are dichotomously branching, each branch ending in a conidium of 13-25 x 15-28 µm with a reticulate surface.

host plants

Fabaceae, narrowly monophagous

Medicago lupulina, minima.


Peronospora medicaginis-minimae Gaponenko, 1972.


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