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Peronospora tomentosa

Peronospora tomentosa Fuckel, 1863

on Cerastium

Peronospora tomentosa on Cerastium glomeratum

Cerastium glomeratum, Germany, Niedersachsen, Göttingen, 6.iii.2023 © Gerrit Öhm

Peronospora tomentosa on Cerastium glomeratum

another specimen

Peronospora tomentosa on Cerastium glomeratum

underside of an infected leaf


upperside of the leaves with paled, slightly embossed patches; at the corresponding underside a white, almost felty fungal bloom, consisting of erect, distally strongly branched conidiophores. Conidia 12-17 x 13-22 µm; oospores 33-39 µm.

host plants

Caryophyllaceae, narrowly monophagous

Cerastium glomeratum.

Records from other Cerastium species are erroneous (Klenke & Scholler).


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