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Plasmopara densa

Plasmopara densa (Rabenhorst) Schröter, 1886

on Orobanchaceae

Plasmopara densa on Rhinnthus spec.

Rhinanthus spec., Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Geel, Neerheist © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Plasmopara densa on Rhinnthus spec.


Plasmopara densa: conidiophore


Plasmopara densa: conidiophore

branching pattern

Plasmopara densa: conidia

ultimate branches and conidia

Plasmopara densa: conidia



upperside of the leaves locally bleached and galled; at the underside a whitish to yellowish fungal bloom consisting of erect, distally strongly branched conidiophores, up to 0l.3 mm high; the final branches with a blunt tip. The conidia are ± globular, with an apical papilla. In the plant tissue locally oospores are formed, and particularly there galling occurs.

host plants

Orobanchaceae, oligophagous

Bartsia alpina; Bellardia trixago; Melampyrum nemorosum; Odontites litoralis, vulgaris; ? Pedicularis foliosa, palustris; Rhinanthus alectorolophus, alpinus, angustifolius, glacialis, minor, serotinus.


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