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Plasmopara praetermissa

Plasmopara praetermissa Voglmayr, Fatehi & Constantinescu, 2006

on Geranium


yellowish to violet leaf spots; at he underside a down of erect, 100-220 µm long conidiophores that apically bear 1-3 diverging branches, each one gain repeatedly bifurcating. endings terminating in a broadly elliptical conidium (sporangium). The lower half of the conidiophore is generally thicker than the upper half, and separated from it by a plug. Voglmayr, Fatehi & Constantinescu (2006a) present a detailed description.

host plants

Geraniaceae, narrowly monophagous

Geranium richardsonii, sylvaticum.

Occasionally also G. albiflorum, palustre, en viscosissimum.


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