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Plasmopara wilsonii

Plasmopara wilsonii Voglmayr, Fatehi & Constantinescu, 2006

on Erodium, Geranium

Plasmopara wilsonii on Geranium molle

Geranium molle, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Plasmopara wilsonii on Geranium molle

same leaf, underside

Plasmopara wilsonii: down on Geranium molle

the down is white (the conidia are colourless)

Plasmopara wilsonii conidiolphores


Plasmopara wilsonii: terminal branches

terminal branches of conidiophores with swollen apex

Plasmopara wilsonii: conidia

conidia with a low papilla


sharply delimited upper surface leaf spots, initially some mm large, ultimately often filling the entire leaf; pale yellowish at first, in the end violaceous brown. Underside with a greyish white felty down, consisting of conidiophores. These are 0.2 to almost 0.5 mm high, very even in thickness; the ultimate branches are swollen at the very tip. Voglmayr, Fatehi & Constantinescu (2006a) present a detailed description.

host plants

Geraniaceae, oligophagous

Geranium molle, phaeum.

Found by Kruse ao in Germany on G. phaeum. The species was described from North America, and there it was recorded from, among other species, Geranium molle and Erodium cicutarium.


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