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Pseudoperonospora cubensis

Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Berkeley & Curtis) Rostovzev, 1903

on Humulus, Cucurbitaceae

Pseudoperonospora cubensis on Humulus lupulus

Humulus lupulus, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Balen, Griesbroek © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Pseudoperonospora cubensis on Humulus lupulus

infected leaf, upperside

Pseudoperonospora cubensis on Humulus lupulus


Pseudoperonospora cubensis on Humulus lupulus

underside of a leaf that has been infected longer ago

Pseudoperonospora cubensis: conidiophores


Pseudoperonospora cubensis: conidia



upperside of the leaves with angular, yellowish brown spots; at the underside a felty brownish purple fungal down, consisting of erect, distally strongly branched conidiophores. The conidia measure 10-20 x 14-32 µm. In particular young leaves may be strongly disfigured and diminutive in size.

host plants

Cannabaceae, Cucurbitaceae, polyphagous

Bryonia dioica; Cucumis melo, myriocarpus, sativus; Cucurbita pepo; Echinocystis lobata; Humulus lupulus; Sicyos angulatus.

To be expected on Bryonia dioica (Klenke & Scholler, 2015a).


Pseudoperonospora humuli (Miyabe & Takahashi) Wilson, 1914. Jage, Klenke, Kruse ao (2017a) discuss this as a valid species, with Humulus lupulus as a host plant.


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