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Wilsoniana amaranthi

Wilsoniana amaranthi (Schweinitz) Choi, Thines & Shin, 2007

on Amaranthus


Amaranthaceae, monofaag

Amaranthus blitum, bouchonii, cruentus, hybridus, powellii, retroflexus.


white cushions or crusts, initially shining like porcelain, ultimately powdery; they consists of bundles of conidia-chains. Later in the year oospores are formed, embedded in the plant tissue. This happens in various, brownish discoloured, parts of the plant, especially in the inflorescence. Characteristic for this species is the fact that the wall of the oospores has ridges forming a reticulate pattern.


originally an American species.


Albugo amaranthi (Schweinitz) Kuntze, 1891.


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