Cladosporium cucumerinum Ellis &Arthur, 1889

on Cucurbitaceae

Cladosporium cucumerinum on cucumber

severe damage to foliage and stems © Bruce Watt, University of Maine,

Cladosporium cucumerinum on melon

also on the fruits © Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,

Cladosporium cucumerinum

from Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a); K Bensch del.; scale bar = 10 µm


leaf spots and lesions on all ports of the plant. Conidiophores solitary or in small groups, unbranched, septate, 10-300 µm long. Conidia generally in branched chains, 2-7 x 3-25 µm, 0-1 septate, ± smooth.


Cucurbitaceae, oligophagous

Citrullus lanatus; Cucumis melo, sativus; Cucurbita pepo; Lagenaria siceraria; Luffa; Momordica.


Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a); Brandenburger (1985a: 403).