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Cladosporium variabile

Cladosporium variabile (Cooke) de Vries, 1952

on Spinacia

Cladosporium variabile

from Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a); K Bensch del.; scale bar = 10 µm


amphigenous leaf spots, surrounded by a yellowish-ochraceous margin. Colonies amphigenous, brown, velvety. Conidiophores in loose, not very large fascicles, 20-200 µm long. Conidia in chains, 6-14 x 10-45 µm, 0-4-septate, olivaceous brown.


Amaranthaceae, monophagous

Spinacia oleracea.


Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a), Wołczańska (2010a).

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