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Mycosphaerella dianthi

Mycosphaerella dianthi (Burt) Jørstad, 1945

Mycosphaerella dianthi

from Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a); K Bensch del.; scale bar = 10 µm


leaf spots on all green parts, in particular the calyces; they are amphigemous, up to 20 mm, grey to olive green, surrounded by a somewhat darker margin. Colonies brown, amphigenous, velvety, often in the centre of the spot. Conidiophores 40-200 µm; conidia solitary or in short unbranched chains, 2-15 x 25-55 µm, wall echinulate or verrucose.

host plants

Caryophyllceae, monophagous

Dianhtus barbatus, caryophyllus, carthusianorum, chinensis, deltoides, plumarius, seguieri, superbus.

The reference to Gypsophila repens by Mułenko almost certainly is no longer correct.


Cladosporium echinulatum (Berkeley) de Vries, 1952.


Bensch, Braun, Groenewald & Crous (2012a), Brandenburger (1985a: 107), Mułenko, Sałata & Wołczańska (1995a).

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