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Septoria anemones

Septoria anemones Desmazieres, 1838

on Anemone

Septoria anemones on Anemone nemorosa

Anemone nemorosa, Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Sint-Truiden, Provinciaal domein Nieuwenhoven-Mielenbos, 30.iv.2019 © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Septoria anemones on Anemone nemorosa

light infestation

Septoria anemones on Anemone nemorosa

dying lead

Septoria anemones on Anemone nemorosa

died lead

Septoria anemones: conidia

extruded conidia mass

Septoria anemones: conidia


Septoria anemones: conidia

conidia; the measurements in this material were 1 x 24-35 µm, 0-2 septate.


Pycnidia epiphyllous. The length of the conidia is 20-22 µm according to Grove and Ellis & Ellis, however 16-35 µm according to Brandenburger.

host plants

Ranunculaceae, (narrowly?) monophagous

Anemone nemorosa.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2019).


Brandenburger mentions two more Septoria species on Anemone, viz., S. silvicola Desmazières, 1859, with up to 3-septate spores p 2-3 x 32-39 µm, and S. wodziczkiana Dominik, 1934 with 2-7 septate spores measuring 1-2 x 27-56 µm. The latter species is excluded from Septoria by the Index Fungorum (2019).


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