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Sphaceloma symphoricarpi

Sphaceloma symphoricarpi Barrus & Horsfall 1928

on Symphoricarpos

Sphaceloma symphoricarpi on Symphoricarpos albus

Symphoricarpos albus, from Kůdela & Krejza 2006a. Upperside of the leaf; at the white spots the epidermis has become detached from the underlying tissue: here the pycnidia are found.


Conidia are formed in epiphyllous pycnidia; they are hyaline, one- or two-celled, constricted at the septum; the size is 4 x 8 µm for the one-celled, 3 x 17 µm for the two-celled conidia.


Caprifoliaceae, monophagous

Symphoricarpos albus.


Kůdela & Krejza (2006a).

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