Erysiphe arcuata Braun, Heluta & Takamatsu, 2006

on Carpinus

Erysiphe arcuata: cleistothecium on Carpinus betulus

Carpinus betulus, België, prov. Antwerpen, Meerhout © Carina Van Steenwinkel: cleistothecium (epiphyllous, stained with congo red)

Erysiphe arcuata: appendage, detail

tip of an appendage

Erysiphe arcuata: ascus



mycelium amphigenous but mainly epiphyllous, sometimes causing some malformation. Conidia solitary, elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia with 4-10 asci, that generally contain 5 spores. Appendages 10-20, mainly equatorial, 1.5-3 x the diameter; they are unbranched, rather stiffly curved, mostly rough, brown near the base and have there a single sept; the very tip is closely circinate.

host plants

Betulaceae, monophagous

Carpinus betulus.


Erysiphe carpinicola: Wołczańska (2007a); Oidium carpini Foitzik, 1995



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