Erysiphe intermedia (Braun) Braun, 2010

on Lupinus


mycelium amphigenous. Appressoria more or less strongly lobed. Conidia formed solitary, elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Foot cell of the conidiophore generally straight. Cleistothecia with 3-12 asci, that contain 3-5 spores. Appendages 8-25, ± equatorial, 2-6 (12) x the diameter; they are not mycelioid, flexuous, 0-1 septate, hyaline, unbranched; the apices are only rarely 1-2(3) times loosely dichotomously forked, but mostly simple.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Lupinus albus, angustifolius, arboreus, arcticus, hartwegii, luteus, micranthus, mutabilis, nanus, nootkatensis, perennis, pilosus, polyphyllus.


Microsphaera trifolii var. intermedia Braun, 1985.


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