Erysiphe thesii Junell, 1967

on Thesium


mycelium amphigenous, also on stems and in the inflorescence. Appressoria lobed, single or paired. Conidia solitary, elliptic, without fibrosin bodies. Foot-cell of conidiophore straight. Cleistothecia 80-120 µm with 3-10 asci, containing 3-6 spores. Appendages 5-15, sub-equatorial, 0.5-4 x the diameter; they are stiff and rather straight, septate, unbranched, eventually brown.

host plants

Santalaceae, monophagous

Thesium alpinum, bavarum, dollineri, ebracteatum, linophyllon & subsp. montanum, pyrenaicum.


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