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Golovinomyces asterum var. solidaginis

Golovinomyces asterum var. solidaginis Braun, 2012

on Solidago

Golovinomyces asterum on Solidago canadensis

Solidago canadensis, Nieuwendam; the mycelium was sterile, and heavily parasitsed by Ampelomyces quisqualis.


Golovinomyces asterum (Schweinitz) Braun, 2012: mycelium generally amphigenous. Appressoria nipple-shaped. Conidia formed in chains, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia with 8-20 two-spored asci. Appendages sub-equatorial, mycelioid. Var. solidaginis: foot cell of the conidiophore mostly curved, sometimes sinuous; appendages of unequal length, up to 2.5 x the diameter.

host plants

Asteraceae, ? oligophagous

? Euthamia graminifolia; Solidago arguta, bicolor, californica, canadensis, chilensis, gigantea, glomerata, odora, rugosa, sempervirens, shortii, virgaurea & subsp. armena + minuta.

It is not sure whether it actually is this variety that parasitises Euthamia.


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