Golovinomyces prenanthis Braun, 2012

on Prenanthes


mycelium amphigenous, thin or cobweb-like, greyish to white. Appressoria nipple-shaped to somewhat lobed, mostly single. Conidia elliptic, formed in chains, without fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecia, amphigenous, containing 8-25 asci, each with 2(3) spores. Appendages numerous, equatorial and sub-equatorial, 0.5-2.5 x the diameter; they are mycelioid, mostly simple, septate, initially hyaline, brown ultimately.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Prenanthes purpurea.


Braun & Cook (2012a), Bresinsky (2016a), Jage, Scholler & Klenke (2010a), Klenke & Scholler (2015a).

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