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Golovinomyces tabaci

Golovinomyces tabaci (Sawada) Shin, Takamatsu & Kiss, 2019



Mycelium amphigenous, also on stems and peduncles, thin, effuse, white, evanescent to persistent; appressoria poorly developed to nipple-shaped, solitary. Conidiophores 70–140 μm long (without conidia); foot-cells straight, cylindrical, ± 30–100 μm, followed by (1)2(4) shorter cells. Cleistothecia amphigenous, ø 100-140 µm; appendages 15–40, 0.3-2 x the diameter, mostly arising from the lower half, mycelioid, simple, with 8-20 asci containing 2 spores.

host plants

Capsella bursa-pastoris, rubella; Cucurbita pepo; Dahlia pinnata; Inula helenium; Nicotiana tabacum.


See the note under Golovinomyces cichoracearum


Braun, Shin, Takamatsu ao (2019a).

Last modified 5.xii.2021