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Podosphaera pericallidis

Podosphaera pericallidis Braun, 2012

Fungi, Ascomycota, Leotiomycetes, Erysiphales, Erysiphaceae

on Pericallis


mycelium amphigenous, persistent, white, not turning brown. Appressoria indistinct to nipple-shaped. Conidia formed in chains, with fibrosin bodies, short-elliptic. Cleistothecia mainly epiphyllous, with a single ascus, containing usually eight spores. Appendages 4-15, sub-equatorial, 0.5-3 x the diameter; mycelioid, brown, septate, mostly unbranched.


Asteraceae, monophagous

Pericallis hybrida.


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Last modified 17.vii.2017