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Podosphaera plantaginis

Podosphaera plantaginis (Castagne) Braun & Takamatsu, 2000

on Plantago

Podosphaera plantaginis on Plantago lanceolata

Plantago lanceolata, Belgium prov. Limburg, Bree, de Luysen, Mariahof © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Podosphaera plantaginis on Plantago lanceolata


Podosphaera plantaginis

one ascus per cleistothecium

Podosphaera plantaginis: appendages


Podosphaera plantaginis: ascus

unripe ascus

Podosphaera plantaginis: conidiophore


Podosphaera plantaginis: conidium

conidium, with fibrosin bodies


mycelium amphigenous.± persistent. Appressoria nipple-shaped. Conidia formed in chains, with fibrosin bodies, short-elliptic. Cleistothecia with a single ascus, containing usually eight spores. Appendages in variable number, sometimes almost absent, sub-equatorial, rarely exceeding 1.5 x the diameter; they are mycelioid, septate, almost invariably simple.

host plants

Plantaginaceae, monophagous

Plantago argentea, camtschatica, coronopus, gentianoides, lanceolata, macrorhiza, major, maritima, media.


Sphaerotheca plantaginis (Castagne) Junell, 1966.


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