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Podosphaera pruinosa

Podosphaera pruinosa (Cooke & Peck) Braun & Takamatsu, 2000

on Rhus


mycelium amphigenous, mainly hypophyllous; heavy infestations may bring malformations and red discolouration of stems and leaves. Appressoria inconspicuous to nipple-shaped. Conidia formed in chains, with fibrosin bodies. Cleistothecium with a single ascus, containing 6-8 spores. Appendages numerous, sub-equatorial, 1-6 x the diameter; they are curved snake-like, weakly septate, simple, almost hyaline.


Anacardiaceae, monophagous

Rhus typhina.


North American species, first recorded in Europe in 2007; in Europe cleistothecia have not been seen so far.


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