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Monilinia fructigena

Monilinia fructigena Honey, 1945

on Malus

Monilinia fructigena: Monilia conidial state on fallen apple

Malus domestica, Bergen NH

Monilinia fructigena: anamorph on Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis, Leuth © Arnold Grosscurt


The teleomorph makes pale yellow stalked cups on mummified overwintered fruits.

host plants

Rosaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Malus domestica; Prunus; Pyrus communis.


Monilia fructigena (Persoon) Persoon, 1801 (conidial state).


See under Rhynchites bacchus and Tatianaerhynchites aequatus about a possible symbiotic relationship with this beetle.


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