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Spermosporina aricola

Spermosporina aricola Braun, 1993

on Arum

Spermosporina on Arum maculatum

Arum maculatum, Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Maasmechelen, Maaswinkel, 9.iv.2021 © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Spermosporina on Arum maculatum

infected leaf, underside

Spermosporina aricola leaf spot

detail of a leaf spot (underside); in the centre a stroma, on top of which conidia are formed

Spermosporina aricola conidiogenous cells

section through the stroma with conidiogenous cells

Spermosporina aricola conidia


Spermosporina aricola: conidia

conidia: 0-1 septate, 3-5 x 8-22 µm

host plants

Araceae, monophagous

Arum maculatum.


The conidia are slightly larger than the 2-3.5 x 8-16 µm in Braun’s description.


Braun (1995b).

Last modified 15.iv.2021