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Microbotryum bistortarum

Microbotryum bistortarum (de Candolle) Vánky, 1998

on Bistorta


the flowers or bulbils are swollen and covered by a greyish membrane; when this ruptures a powdery, blackish-violet mass of spores is released. The infection is systemic. The spores are finely and densely verruculose.

host plants

Polygonaceae, monophagous

Bistorta officinalis, vivipara.


Ustilago bistortarum (de Candolle) Körnicke, 1877; Bauhinus bistortarum (de Candolle) Denchev, 1997; Sphacelotheca ustilaginea (de Candolle) Ito, 1935; Sphacelotheca borealis (Clinton), Schellenberg, 1907; Ustilago inflorescentiae (Trelease) Maire, 1907; Sphacelotheca inflorescentiae (Trelease) Maire, 1907; Sphacelotheca polygoni-vivipari Schellenberg, 1907.


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