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Melampsora hypericorum

Melampsora hypericorum (de Candolle) Schröter, 1871

on Hypericum

Melampsora hypericorum on cultivated Hypericum

Hypericum (cult.), Nieuwendam

Melampsora hypericorum on cultivated Hypericum

detail, upperside of the leaf

Melampsora hypericorum on cultivated Hypericum

underside with (mostly old and empty) aecia

Melampsora hypericorum: aecium

aecium, surrounded by the remnants of the ruptured epidermis; the peridium is hidden below

Melampsora hypericorum: aeciosporesMelampsora hypericorum: aeciospores

the same aeciospores, focussed at different levels

Melampsora hypericorum: fresh aecia on Hypericum sp.

Hypericum spec., Loenen ge © Arnold Grosscurt: fresh aecia

Melampsora hypericorum: telium, urediniospore

Hypericum humifusum, from González-Fragoso (1925a): urediniospores an section through part of a telium


Spermogonia unknown. Most aecia hypophyllous, pulvinate, yellow, 0.5 mm, with a rudimentary peridium; reverse side with yellow or red patches. No uredinia. Telia hypophyllous, brown, subepidermal; they are rarely formed.

host plants

Hypericaceae, monophagous

Hypericum androsaemum, calycinum, canariense, caprifolium, cernuum, coadnatum, coris, elatum, elegans, empetrifolium, erectum, foliosum, glandulosum, grandifolium, hircinum & subsp. metroi, hirsutum, humifusum, lydium, maculatum, montanum, nummularium, patulum, perfoliatum, perforatum, pseudopetiolatum, pulchrum, reflexum, richeri & subsp. grisebachii, tetrapterum, triquetrifolium.


Mesopsora hypericorum (de Candolle) Dietel, 1922.


A study of the DNA has demonstrated that the rust on the exotic woody Hypericum calycinum, hircinun, and androsaenum does not belong to hypericorum but to an as yet unknown, presumably allochthonous species (Beenken & Senn-Irlet).


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