Phragmidium acuminatum (Fries) Cooke, 1871

on Rubus


no alternation of hostplant. Aecia mostly hypophyllous, yellow, minute but larger on the veins, without a peridium but with a circle of hyaline, sausage-shaped curved paraphyses; spores produced in chains, sparsely aculeate. Uredinia like the aecia, but spores single, pedicellate. Telia hypophyllous black; spores long pedicellate, elliptic, dark brown, transversely divided into c. 6, finely verrucose cells, terminated by an apiculus.


Rosaceae, narrowly monophagous

Rubus canescens, saxatilis.


Phragmidium rubi-saxatlis Liro, 1908.


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