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Phragmidium sanguisorbae

Phragmidium sanguisorbae (de Candolle) Schröter, 1887

on Marcetella, Sanguisorba

Phragmidium sanguisorbae on Sanguisorba minor

Sanguisorba minor, Belgium, prov. Namur, Viroinval, Nismes; © Stéphane Claerebout

Phragmidium sanguisorbae: aecia on Sanguisorba minor

underside of the leaf, with aecia

Phragmidium sanguisorbae: aecia on Sanguisorbs minor

Sanguisorba minor, Belgium, prov. Antwerp, Mol, eco-demo garden © Carina Van Steenwinkel: aecia

Phragmidium sanguisorbae: aecia and telia on Sanguisorbs minor

aecia, uredinia (indistinguishable from the aecia), and blackish brown telia

Phragmidium sanguisorbae: aecia on Sanguisorbs minor

the rachis is galled by aecia

Phragmidium sanguisorbae: aeciospore


Phragmidium sanguisorbae: uredinium


Phragmidium sanguisorbae: uredinium: paraphyses


Phragmidium sanguisorbae: urediniospores


Phragmidium sanguisorbae: teliospores



no alternation of host plant. Spermogonia near the aecia, between epidermis and cuticula. Aecia amphigenous, orange, without a peridium but with a circle of hyaline, sausage-shaped curved paraphyses; spores produced in chains, densely verrucose. Uredinia hypophyllous, yellow, small, 0.2 mm, equally encircled by paraphyses, spores single, pedicellate. Telia hypophyllous black; spores short pedicellate, elliptic, brown, transversely divided into c. 4, finely verrucose cells, apically terminated by an ill-defined apiculus.

host plants

Rosaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Marcetella moquiniana, Sanguisorba minor & subsp. balearica, officinalis, rupicola, verrucosa; Sarcopoterium spinosum.

Erdoğdu, Hüseyin & Suludere cite as host: Sanguisorba spec. and Rubus sanctus; probably there is some confusion involved.


Phragmidium poterii Fuckel, 1870; Ph. poterii subsp. longipes (Saccardo & Trotter) Durrieu, 1968.


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