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Frommeëlla mexicana

Frommeëlla mexicana (Mains) McCain & Hennen, 1990

on Potentilla

Frommeella mexicana on Potentilla indica

Potentilla indica, Belgium, prov. Limburg, Kwaadmechelen © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Frommeella mexicana on Potentilla indica

same leaf, underside, with orange uredinia and blackish brown telia

Frommeella mexicana: telia on Potentilla indica

another leaf with only telia

Frommeella mexicana: uredinium


Frommeella mexicana: telium


Frommeella mexicana: teliospores


Frommeella mexicana: teliospores

another example of teliospores

Frommeella mexicana: germinating teliospores

germinating teliospores

Frommeëlla mexicana: uredinia on Potentilla indica

Potentilla indica, Nieuwendam: uredinia

Frommeëlla mexicana: urediniospores


Frommeëlla mexicana: urediniospores

spores out of focus, to show the sculpture


Spermogonia and aecia missing. Uredinia orange yellow, hypophyllous, erumpent. Infected leaves are disfigured, boat-like. Telia hypophyllous as well, brown. Teliospores club-shaped, consisting of a row of c. 4 smooth cells, each with one germination pore.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Potentilla (= Duchesnea) indica.


Phragmidium mexicanum (Mains) Yun, Minnis & Aime 2011; Frommeella duchesneae (Arthur) Yohem, Cummins & Gilbertson, 1985; Frommea obtusa duchesneae Arthur, 1934. The references to “Frommea obtusa” on Potentilla indica by Gjaerum (1970, 1982) on Madeira and the Azores probably concern mexicana as well.


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