Puccinia aristolochiae (de Candolle) Winter, 1881

on Aristolochia

Puccinia aristolochiae: spores

Aristolochia fontanesii, from González Fragoso (1924a): urediniospores and teliospores


No alternation of host plants. Aecia, uredinia and telia hypophyllous, scattered over the entire surface of the leaf. Aecia with white peridium and yellow spores. Uredinia small, yellowish, pulverulent. Telia long covered by the epidermis, then pulverulent, brownish black; spores mostly two-celled, on a short, deciduous pedicel.


Aristolochiaceae, monophagous

Aristolochia clematitis, fontanesii, maurorum, pallida, poicilantha, rotunda.


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