Puccinia bistortae (Strauss) de Candolle, 1815

on Apiaceae


Spermogonia amphigenous, honey coloured. Aecia hypohpyllous, deeply immersed, on yellow galled spots, pustulate, bright yellow without a peridium. The spores are released by a pore.

spermogonia, aecia

Apiaceae, oligophagous

Angelica sylvestris; Carum carvi; Chaerophyllum hirsutum; Conopodium majus; Ligusticum mutellina; Meum athamanticum; Pimpinella anisum, major, peregrina, saxifraga; Selinum carvifolia.

on Bistorta

Puccinia bistortae: teliospores

Bistorta vivipara, from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores

Puccinia bistortae on Bistorta officinalis

Bistorta officinalis, Belgium, prov. Liège, Büllingen, Vallée de la Holzwarche © Carina Van Steenwinkel

Puccinia bistortae on Bistorta officinalis: telia

hypophyllous telia

Puccinia bistortae: urediniospores


Puccinia bistortae: teliospores

teliospores without apical papilla or thickened wall

Puccinia bistortae: teliospores

cell wall with some lines of fine warts


uredinia and telia hypophyllous, on yellow-coloured spots. Uredinia orange, soon naked; spores elliptic, with ± 4 inconspicuous germination pores. Telia dark brown, soon pulverulent; spores 17-22 x 28-33 µm two-celled with some length lines of fine warts; the two germination pores not capped by a pore.

uredinia, telia

Polygonaceae, monophagous

Bistorta officinalis, vivipara.


Puccinia angelicae-bistortae (Strauss) Klebahn, 1902; cari-bistortae Klebahn, 1899; conopodii-bistortae Klebahn, 1869; pimpinellae-bistortae Semadeni, 1916.


Aecia on Selinum dubium have been described as Aecidium selini Lindroth, 1901 (mentioned by Buhr 1964a as “Puccinia aecidii-selini (Lindr.) Syd.”). They probably belong to this, or a related species.


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