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Puccinia carthami

Puccinia carthami Corda, 1840

on Carthamus


No host plant alternation. Spermogonia amphigenous on somewhat discoloured leaf spots. Aecia are not formed. Uredinia brown, long covered by the epidermis; initially around the spermogonia, later mainly hypophyllous, not inducing leaf spots; also near the root collar of seedlings; urediniospores 16-23 x 22-28 µm; 2(-4) apically positioned pores. Telia as the uredinia, blackish brown, pulverulent, amphigenous, without leaf spots. Teliospores 2-celled, pear-shaped, 27-32 x 33-41 µm; cell wall densely and finely verrucose; pedicel hyaline, short, deciduous.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Carthamus glaucus, lanatus, oxyacantha, tenuis, tinctorius.


this species of often considered identical with, or a variety of, P. calcitrapae.


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