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Puccinia expansa

Puccinia expansa Link, 1825

on Asteraceae, Senecioneae

Puccinia expansa: telia on Jacobaea vulgaris

Jacobaea vulgaris, Assen © Ben van As: telia

Puccinia expansa: telia on Jacobaea vulgaris

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Puccinia expansa: telia on Jacobaea vulgaris



No hostplant alternation; only telia: blackish, in dense , mainly hypophyllous groups on yellowish leaf spots; the spores are released through a pore. Spores 2celled; wall smooth, evenly thin; pedicel short, hyaline, deciduous.

host plants

Asteraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Adenostyles alliariae, alpina, leucophylla; Dolichorrhiza caucasica; Jacobaea alpina, aquatica, subalpina, vulgaris; Ligularia; Petasites paradoxus; Senecio cannabifolius, doria subsp. umbrosus, doronicum, inaequidens, nemorensis, ovatus, pyrenaicus, sarracenicus, squalidus subsp. rupestris.


Puccinia glomerata Greville, 1827.


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