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Puccinia lapsanae

Puccinia lapsanae Fuckel, 1860

on Lapsana

Puccinia lapsanae aecia

Lapsana communis, Belgium, Liège, early spring; © Jean-Yves Baugnée, det Arthur Vandenweyen

Puccinia lapsanae aecia

Lapsana communis, Vorden: aecia, upperside; © Arnold Grosscurt

Puccinia lapsanae aecia


Puccinia lapsanae uredia

upperside, uredia

Puccinia lapsanae: telia on Lapsana communis

Lapsana communis, Overveen: underside of leaf with telia

Puccinia lapsanae: telia


Puccinia lapsanae: teliospores


Puccinia lapsanae: teliospores

its surface is warty


Aecia, uredinia, and telia amphigenous.


spermogonia epiphyllous, in small group, honey-coloured. Aecia amphigenous, also on the stems, on purple, but not swollen, spots; peridium white, spores orange, practically smooth. Uredinia amphigenous, pulverulent, chestnut coloured; pores finely spinulose, with two equatorial pores. Telia like the uredinia, but blackish brown; spores two-celled, brown, ± rotund, finely spinulose; pore of top cel apical, the one of the basal cell halfway base and septum; pedicel short, deciduous, hyaline.

host plants

Asteraceae, monophagous

Lapsana communis & subsp. intermedia + pisidica, humilis.


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