Puccinia minussensis von Thümen, 1878

on Lactuca


the fungus is unique by having two generations. In the first generation spermogonia, aecia, and telia are formed; the mycelium is perennial and systemic, disfiguring the entire plant: the internodes are lengthened, lank, and spiralled, the leaves are smaller, and flowering is impeded. The second generation, from August on, forms uredinia and telia; the plants that then are infected do not show any disturbance. Spermogonia with a sweet fragrance, epiphyllous, on the uppermost leaves. Aecia yellow, deeply embedded in the host tissue, opening by a pore, on the thicker veins. Uredinia epiphyllous; spores 20-25 x 23-26 µm. Telia black, also on the stems pulverulent; spores two-celled.


Asteraceae, narrowly monophagpus

Lactuca sibirica, tatarica.


Puccinia tatarica Tranzschel, 1904.


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