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Puccinia poae-nemoralis

Puccinia poae-nemoralis Otth, 1871

on Berberis


Aecia hypophyllous, tiny (< 0.4 mm); peridium without clear, outwards curved, segments. At this stage P. brachypodii, poae-nemoralis, and pygmaea are indistinguishable.


Berberidaceae, monophagous

Berberis vulgaris.

on grasses

Puccinia poae-nemoralis on Poa pratensis

Poa pratensis, Denekamp, lg. Singraven

Puccinia poae-nemoralis on Poa pratensis

all lower leaves in this population were occupied by uredinia

Puccinia poae-nemoralis: uredinia on Poa pratensis


Puccinia poae-nemoralis: paraphyses protection

the outer layer of the uredinia consists of the heads of the numerous paraphyses

Puccinia poae-nemoralis: uredinium-paraphyses

the paraphyses often are constricted below the head

Puccinia poae-nemoralis: urediniopsporePuccinia poae-nemoralis: urediniopspore

two images of the same urediniospore

Puccinia poae-nemoralis on Poa pratensis

Poa pratensis, Nieuwendam: uredinia on the leaf sheaths

Puccinia poae-nemoralis
 on Poa pratensis

even in the inflorescence


Uredinia never in long stripes, yellowish or orange brown, with many hyaline paraphyses that bear a distinct head and often are sharply bent just below; spores with 10-12 indistinct germination pores. Telia rare, hypophyllous, small, blackish brown, long covered by the epidermis, with brown paraphyses.

uredinia, telia

Poaceae, oligophagous

Alopcurus pratensis; Calamagrostis arundinacea; Catabrosa aquatica; Danthonia decunbens; Festuca halleri, ovina, stricta subsp. sulcata, versicolor; Lolium perenne; Milium effusum; Ochlopoa annua; Piptatherum paradoxum; Poa angustifolia, compressa, nemoralis, palustris, pratensis, trivialis; Schedonorus arundinaceus.


Puccinia brachypodii var. poae-nemoralis (Otth) Cummins & Greene 1966; P. milii Eriksson, 1895; P. poae-sudeticae Jørstad, 1932; P. thalictri-poarum Fischer & Mayor, 1925.


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