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Puccinia pulverulenta

Puccinia pulverulenta Gréville, 1824

on Epilobium

Puccinia pulverulenta: galls on Epilobium hirsutum

Epilobium hirsutum, Broekpolder © Ben van As

Puccinia pulverulenta: galls on Epilobium hirsutum

the upperside of the leaves is yellowed and puckered

Puccinia pulverulenta:aecia

the underside of the leaves is almost homogeneously covered by aecia (also visible on the upper picture)

Puccinia pulverulenta uredinia + telium on Epilobium hirsutum

Epilobium hirsutum, Nieuwendam: uredinia and telium (hypophyllous)

Puccinia pulverulenta: urediniospores + teliospores

urediniospores and teliospores

Puccinia pulverulenta: urediniosporePuccinia pulverulenta: urediniospore

the same urediniospore at different sharpness levels, to show the two pores

Puccinia pulverulenta: teliospore



No host plant alternation; all phases hypophyllous. The infestation is systemic, the entire plant is diseased. Aeciospores verruculose, moreover with a small number of coarse, deciduous warts. Uredinia chestnut brown, spores with 2 germination pores. Telia dark brown. Teliospores two-celled, smooth, brown, apex thickened, on short, flaccid, deciduous pedicels.

host plants

Onagraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Chamerion angustifolium; Epilobium alpestre, alsinifolium, anagallidifolium, brachycarpum, ciliatum & subsp. glandulosum, collinum, cupreum, davuricum, dodonaei, fleischeri, hirsutum, hirtigerum, lanceolatum, leptophyllum, montanum, obscurum, paluste, parviflorum, roseum, tetragonum.


Puccinia epilobii-tetragoni Winter, 1881.


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