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Puccinia saxifragae

Puccinia saxifragae Schlechtendal, 1824

on Heuchera, Saxifraga

Puccinia saxifragae on Saxifraga granulata

Saxifraga granulata, England, Vice County: Derby, VC57 © Malcolm Storey, BioImages

Puccinia saxifragae: teliospores


Puccinia saxifragae: teliospores

Saxifraga stellaris (first 4) and S.granulata (last 4), from González Fragoso (1924a): teliospores


No host plant alternation, only brown, pulverulent telia. Teliospores 12-22 x 20-41 µm, with fine, longitudinal lines, sometimes hardly perceptible (like on the picture); pedicel short, hyaline deciduous.

host plants

Saxifragaceae, oligophagous

Saxifraga androsacea, aphylla, bourgaeana, bulbifera, cespitosa, carpatica, cernua, exarata, fragosoi, granulata, hieraciifolia, hypnoides, longifolia, marginata, moschata, nelsoniana, nivalis, pedemontana, rivularis, rotundifolia, seguieri, sibirica, stellaris & subsp. engleri, tenuis, umbrosa, wahlenbergii.

Termorshuizen & Swertz add to this Heuchera sanguinea.


Puccinia curtipes: Sydow, 1904, Buhr 1965a, nec Howe, 1874


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