Puccinia thymi (Fuckel) Karsten, 1884

on Thymus


No host plant alternation, only telia. Telia predominantly on the stems, petioles and midribs, long covered by the epidermis, eventually black. Spores two-celled, each cell with a hyaline papilla; on a pedicel that is about as long as the spore itself. Infested plants form consicuous witches’ brooms, with small, widely separated leaves.


Lamiaceae, monophagous

Thymus alpestris; “angustifolius”, praecox & subsp. ligusticus + polytrichus, pulcherrimus, pulegioides & subsp. chamaedrys + pannonicus, serpyllum.


Puccinia caulincola Schneider, 1871; schneideri Schröter, 1879.


see also Uredo morvernensis.


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