Puccinia violae (Schumacher) de Candolle, 1815

on Viola

Puccinia violae on Viola spec.

Viola spec., Epen, Heimansgroeve © Cor Zonneveld: aecia

Puccinia violae: aecia on Viola hirta

Viola hirta, dunes near Wassenaar: aecia © Koen van Zoest

Puccinia violae gall

Viola labradorica, Dronten © Arnold Grosscurt

Puccinia violae gall

underside of the leaf, with aecia

Puccinia violae: aecia on Viola riviniana

Viola riviniana, Amstelveen, de Braak: aecia

Puccinia violae: uredinia on Viola cf riviniana

Viola cf. riviniana, Amstelveen, Thijsse-park: leaf with uredinia

Puccinia violae: urediniospores


Puccinia violae: uredinia and telia

Viola hirta, England, Vice County: Oxon, VC23: at left two telia, right two urediinia – in this species the uredinia are unusually dark © Malcolm Storey, BioImages

Puccinia violae: teliospores


Puccinia violae: teliospore

Viola cf. riviniana, Amstelveen, Thijsse-park: the pedicel quickly falls off


no host plant alternation. Spermogonia honey-coloured, in dense small groups. Aecia yellow, cupulate with recurved margin, on galled and discoloured parts of leaves and petioles. Uredinia hypophyllous, light brown, soon naked, then pulverulent; spores ± globular, 16-21 x 18-28 µm, with 2 germination pores. Telia like the uredinia, but dark brown; sporen 2-celled, short-oval; wall thin, apically not thickened; germination pores with a distinct papilla, the one of the lower cell generally close to the separation wall; pedicel short, fragile.


Violaceae, monophagous

Viola alba, alpina, ambigua, arvensis, bertolonii, biflora, bubanii, calcarata, canina, cenisia, collina, cornuta, declinata, hirta, labradorica, lutea, mirabilis, odorata, palustris, paradoxa, persicifolia, pumila, pyrenaica, reichenbachiana, riviniana, rupestris, suavis, thomasiana, tricolor & subsp. curtisii, willkommii.

Also on cultivars.


Puccinia aegra Grove, 1883; P. depauperans Sydow, 1903.


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