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Uromyces bidenticola

Uromyces bidenticola Arthur,1917

on Bidens


no host plant alternation, spermogonia unknown. Aecia amphigenous, numerous, in small groups, honey-yellow when fresh. Uredinia amphigenous, often in a circle around the aecia, cinnamon brown, echinulate, with 2, ± equatorial spores. Telia mainly hypophyllous, up to one mm, on discoloured spots, dark brown, pulverulent, soon naked. Teliospores 28-45 µm long, one-celled, oval, wall brown, thin, smooth; pedicel persistent, hyaliene, about twice the length of the spore.


Asteraceae, monohpagous

Bidens pilosus.


Klebahnia bidentis (Hennings) Arthur, 1915.


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