Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae (Persoon) Dietel, 1922

on Anemone


spermogonia amphigenous small, ultimately black or brown specks. Aecia light brown, numerous, dispersed over the entire underside of the leaf; they are cupulate, margin, split in a few slips, curled outwards. Infected plant are paled and grow stiffly upwards; the leaves are narrowed.

spermogonia, aecia

Ranunculaceae, narrowly monophagous

Anemone ranunculoides.

Gäumann refers to several other species, in the genera Anemone, Ranunculus, and Thalictrum; this is not repeated by Termorshuizen & Swertz, possibly because of confusion with Tranzschelia discolor.

on Prunus

Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae: uredinium (section)

Prunus spinosa, from González Fragoso (1924a): uredinium: spores and paraphyses

Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae: telia on Prunus spinosa

Prunus spinosa, England, Vice County: Berks, VC22: telia © Malcolm Storey, BioImages

Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae: teliospores



uredinia and telia hypophyllous, brown and black, respectively. Uredinia irregularly distributed, with capitate paraphyses. Telio soon pulverulent. Teliospores not in bundles, two-celled, but easily falling apart. Both cells are equal in shape and colour, and both are strongly verrucose; the germination pore of the top cell is exactly in the apex.

uredinia, telia

Rosaceae, monophagous

Prunus armeniaca, avium, brigantina, cerasifera, cerasus, cocomilia, davidiana, domestica & subsp insititia, dulcis, fruticosa, mahaleb, padus, persica, pumila, serotina, spinosa, tenella, virginiana.


Puccinia pruni-spinosae Persoon, 1801.


Tuberculina persicina.


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