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Entyloma ranunculacearum

Entyloma ranunculacearum Kochman, 1936

on Ranunculus


Up to 4 mm large leaf spots, partly delimited by the leaf venation; upper side yellowish, underside whitish because of anamorphic kolonies. Embedded in the host tissue loose groups on intercellular hyaline spores; spores globular, smooth, 10-14 µm, wall 1-1,5 µm. Anamorph with numerous hypophyllous colonies; conidia cylindric 3-4 x 15-19 µm, aseptate.

host plants

Ranunculus, narrowly monophagous

Ranunculus acris.


Until the revision by Kruse ao this species was considered conspecific with E. ranunculi-repentis (now E. eburneum).


Kruse, Lutz, Piątek & Thines (2018).

Last modified 6.viii.2019