Thecaphora thlaspeos (Beck) Vánky, 2004

on Brassicaceae


siliques hardly declined; the seeds are replaced by a yellowish to brown-violet mass of spores. The infection is systemic; infected plants flower for a much longer time than healthy ones (Klenke & Scholler).

host plants

Brassicaceae, oligophagous

Alyssum reisserii; Arabidopsis petraea; Arabis alpina, ciliata, hirsuta; Cardamine alpina, bellidifolia; Draba aizoides, alpina, incana; Erysimum diffusum, welcevii; Noccaea brachypetala, caerulescens, crantzii.


Ustilago arabidis-alpinae Liro, 1937; U. cardamines Liro, 1938; U. thlaspeos (Beck (Lagerheim, 1897).


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