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leafminers, galls and fungi

Urocystis agropyri

Urocystis agropyri (Preuss) Fischer von Waldheim, 1867

on Elymus, Elytrigia


Elongate narrow blisters between the nerves of the leaf. The brownish black spore balls that are released here consist of 1-2(4) spores, wrapped in a layer of smaller sterile, pale yellow cells.

host plants

Poaceae, narrowly monophagous

Agropyron cristatum; Elymus alaskanus subsp. scandicus, caninus; Elytrigia atherica, intermedia, juncea, repens; Leymus arenarius; Psathyrostachys juncea

Buhr adds Briza; this is not plausible; that also applies to a reference to Vulpia alopecuros by Almaraz.


Urocystis agropyri-juncei (Viennot-Bourgin) Zogg, 1986


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